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VMWare Workstation 9 on Ubuntu 13.10

For the past 18 months I’ve been able to consign Microsoft Windows to a virtual machine with Linux-based operating systems on my workstation and laptop (CentOS 6.x and Ubuntu respectively). The hypervisor I use is VMWare Workstation 9 and all was fine until I recently updated the Ubuntu installation on my laptop to 13.10, when […]

Software won’t be far behind those 64-bit ARM chips

For three years until August 2013 I spent writing about the semiconductor industry, primarily on The INQUIRER but a couple of other places too.  Despite outward appearances, the semiconductor industry is an extremely interesting one and one that has many bona-fide characters. Since August 2013 I have been lucky enough to be a part of […]

Quick and dirty Crontab tutorial

For those who have used Linux for any length of time the issue of automating tasks will have come up. The time honoured way of doing this is through Cron. Each user on a Linux system has a crontab – a list of commands that is run at a predetermined time. I’m not going into […]

Mediatomb on Debian howto

In truth calling this a howto is a lie because it is so easy. That is to say, getting the basics up and running is so easy. After that you should really do some further reading (don’t worry I’ll provide the links), but a quick and dirty setup is surprisingly easy. Before the end of […]

Speeding up the Samba

Recently I came to the conclusion that having a complete mirror of my complete videos volume will be almost unsustainable. So instead of going the RAID 51 route I decided to install Linux on my QNAP 409 thanks to this very useful guide. So now that I have a full on (albeit slow) Linux system […]