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Category Archives: Wear and tear

M’mac part 2

Today I had my appointment with a “Genius” and it all went as I thought it would. The guy took it off around the back and decided it was the “logic board” that was at fault (motherboard to real computer types). It’s off for repair and should be back in 7-10 days. However I doubt […]


After one month of proper use (that is to say standard use for a notebook computer and not babying around a machine like some Mac Morons like to do) yesterday evening my Macbook Pro went to sleep and never awoke. It cycles between being asleep and trying to wake up and going to sleep automatically. […]

Mac bag (finally)

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the problems in finding a case for my new Macbook Pro (Mac Sack) so I finally bit the bullet (about two weeks ago) and purchased a cheapo Crumpler messenger bag called the Big Dig. I decided to just get one made for 17″ laptops to ensure I […]

Mac sack

As I found out, the new MacBook Pro is a bit too wide for a lot of 15″ bags/sleeves out there. The other day I found a Knomo bag on sale direct from the manufacturer which stated support for 15″ laptops. Now, Knomo bags are sold in Apple stores among other places so you would […]