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Generic performance metrics mean less and less in servers

Computing has long promoted performance metrics as a means of visualising performance of a system. Back in the day it used to be MIPS (millions of instructions per second) then for a while it was the processor’s clock frequency. AMD was the first major chip maker to move away from frequency by offering “performance ratings” […]

The unspoken problem with technology journalism

Having written for technology publications for over a decade I have had the displeasure to witness first hand the decline in the quality of technology journalism. Others, far more experienced and smarter than I, have talked about the possible reasons for this but in my view the underlying factor is a willingness on editors and […]

Why can’t other companies copy Lenovo’s keyboards?

I used to be a journalist and while I left that life three months now, I still spend a huge amount of time typing on a keyboard, especially on a laptop. For the past eight years I have been lucky enough to use IBM Model M keyboards on my desktop – I swear by them. […]

How to scam on eBay

From a recent dealing with an individual on eBay, I figured out how easy it is for someone to scam another person on eBay, without the usual tricks of cheque fraud, escrow services and other similarly well documented tricks. No forget all of that, instead all that is required is a tracking number and eBay’s […]

Moronic father sues school after girl allows phone to be searched

Some Texan moron who felt violated that his daughter was asked to reveal text messages on her phone has sued the county’s school district for over $7 million. Believing that his little princess’s constitutional rights had been violated, Mr John Beaird naturally thought it would be right to sue. Why not? After all, MacArthur High […]

Jumpdomain finally bites the dust

Scott Ison has finally decided to call it quits, with his sham of a registrar at long last showing an “out of business” sign. The Jumpdomain site now simply tells people to move away, which is what people should have done ages ago, if they could. No links to other parts of the site are […]

Royal Mail’s rip-off customs charges

Last month I ordered a few t-shirts from Threadless, a store which gets normal people to design t-shirts and pays them if they appear on the store. Some of the designs are excellent so I decided to order four. I had them delievered to the UK (Threadless are an American company), knowing full well that […]

Expansys’ poor (non-existant) packaging

Expansys, a large mobile phone seller is a company that I’ve recommended to many – though most baulk at the thought of dropping 200 quid or more on a unsubsidised phone. In the past I’ve heard back from those I recommended Expansys to with nothing but compliments so when it came to me ordering a […]

Off season prices

As I look to book my hotel for the 2010 CES show in Las Vegas, it striked me that it’s a relatively affordable place to stay – if you go on off season when there are no massive conventions/conferences. Where else would you get 5* luxury for around £100/night? The rest of the place may […]

How I transferred away from Jumpdomain

Note: I posted this on 22 June but due to my server having some serious issues posts between May and July were wiped. Thankfully I managed to find a google cache of it. Since this may be of help to people stranded with Jumpdomain’s rubbish service I decided to repost. Below is my original post, […]


It really pisses me off when people think it is a good idea to put their certifications in the signature of their email. Why? Are you that desperate to show you know something that you need to put a few letters on the bottom of your email in order to make you look like a […]


Boston is cold. -21C is something else and for the first time in my life I was able to say that London has better weather than somewhere else. Shocking. Still unlike London, the roads are driveable and generally work continues. London really should take some lessons from Boston.

Mini displayport -> Dual Link DVI adaptor price hike

In typical Crapple fashion the Dual Link DVI adaptor that Macbook users need but wasn’t included is still not available, well over a month after Macbooks started shipping. Not only that but the Apple Store website in the UK has now increased the cost of the adaptor to £68 from £60. And yet they still […]

Drinking in LA

Sort of. Just booked my tickets to Los Angeles on Virgin Atlantic. Typically I would never fly anything other than economy (infact I’ve only flown business class three times in my life and two of those times were free upgrades on Emirates and the third time didn’t count as it was an atrious airline), however […]

A bunch of..

Although I have quite specific views on Apple I do purchase a lot of kit. Not all of it is perfect but what I do purchase I generally like, though not wholly. So here’s a list of how I contributed to the Apple Empire. 1x Powerbook G4 1GHz 1x MacBook Air 1.8GHz SSD 1x MacBook […]