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Category Archives: Housekeeping

Quick and dirty Crontab tutorial

For those who have used Linux for any length of time the issue of automating tasks will have come up. The time honoured way of doing this is through Cron. Each user on a Linux system has a crontab – a list of commands that is run at a predetermined time. I’m not going into […]

Cuisinart (not so) “professional” burr coffee grinder

Over the past three years I have been using the Cuisinart “professional” grinder to try and make espresso – the longevity of its use serves more to highlight my lack of research into proper espresso brewing. Simply put, if you want to drink espresso, do not use this machine to grind your coffee beans. Cuisinart […]

Dismantling big iron

As part of my bid to be green (and also save a packet on electricity bills) last year I decomissioned both of our Compaq Proliant “big iron” servers. These truly were giants. The first one which was the master server providing Samba, FTP, SSH tunneling, gateway, firewalling and HTTP proxy services was being dismantled today. […]

End the madness

Fed up with the stupid Fanboi websites that appear on the Web powered by idiotic Apple users? You know what I’m talking about. The twits who jack it to unboxings of Apple products, the ones who think Apple is not a fruit but a person who has the sun shining out of their posterior. Those […]