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Category Archives: Home engineering

New file server

In the quest to keep up with my file serving needs here at Crapple HQ I’ve very recently looked to upgrade our current storage solution. The problem isn’t performance, in fact quite the contrary. It’s the requirement of space, especially to hold high quality (and more increasingly high definition) video. Also because I’m paranoid, mirroring […]

Tight fit!

Yesterday I wrote about a chipset heatsink I bought for an upcoming 975X motherboard. Well that motherboard arrived today (38 quid off eBay, such a bargain) so I got on with installing the heatsink. Thermalright provide enough bits and pieces, including three mounts for those that use studs to hold down the cooling device and […]

Chipset heatsink

I recently purchased an used motherboard off eBay which came with a fan to cool the chipset. This is quite frankly rubbish as it will eventually fan and before it does so, it will make a load of noise and shift a lot of dust. So I purchased this rather nifty heatsink for the 975 […]

New power supply unit

I recently built a machine to replace my current workstation with components I had lying around. The only thing I needed to purchase was a new motherboard as the two units I had in the lab were less than reliable. The machine itself isn’t cutting edge but it is fast enough, being comprised of the […]

Securely deleting hard drive data

As part of clearing out my lab, I had a large amount of hard disk drives which are now too old ( >5 years) to be used in any production server. Although these drives work and have been through a tough life (being on 24/7 in a server environment) they really did well. I must […]

iMac screen found!

You may remember (although I’m sure you have more important things to do) that I ended up with an Apple iMac which had its screen hit with a hammer. Utilising the external display output I managed to get OS X setup dilly dandy and everything was fine. Except one of the fans would shoot to […]

Mediatomb on Debian howto

In truth calling this a howto is a lie because it is so easy. That is to say, getting the basics up and running is so easy. After that you should really do some further reading (don’t worry I’ll provide the links), but a quick and dirty setup is surprisingly easy. Before the end of […]

24″ iMac LCD screen

A couple of weeks ago I was handed a battered 24″ Core 2 Duo iMac (aluminium body) and asked to remove the hard drive. Someone had taken a hammer to the screen and the guy wanted to get his data back but had no inclination of keeping the iMac itself. So I asked him whether […]

Speeding up the Samba

Recently I came to the conclusion that having a complete mirror of my complete videos volume will be almost unsustainable. So instead of going the RAID 51 route I decided to install Linux on my QNAP 409 thanks to this very useful guide. So now that I have a full on (albeit slow) Linux system […]

Home made Cintiq here I come

A long time I go I came across a site which caught my interest. However with work and other stuff I forgot about it until recently. Wacom one of the top graphics tablet makers also produce a touch sensitive display which supports different levels of sensitivity, called the Cintiq. There’s not much to dislike, 21″ […]


I do have a love for seafood but in this case I was determined to setup Squid (a HTTP proxy) for the local server here at home. The servers here are pretty decent, though back in the day when electricity was affordable we had some proper Compaq “Big Iron”. Now it’s more modest dual core, […]