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Software won’t be far behind those 64-bit ARM chips

For three years until August 2013 I spent writing about the semiconductor industry, primarily on The INQUIRER but a couple of other places too.  Despite outward appearances, the semiconductor industry is an extremely interesting one and one that has many bona-fide characters. Since August 2013 I have been lucky enough to be a part of […]

Western Digital TV Live Ethernet

Perhaps a glaring sign of assumption leading to a mistake, I had thought Western Digital had put a gigabit Ethernet controller on its WD TV Live device. After all why wouldn’t you? The device can clearly play back high definition content and Blu-Ray discs can transfer up to 40MBps at present. To my shock after […]

Easiest way to play MKV videos

Perhaps the most impressive bit of hardware I have purchased since my first solid state drive is Western Digital’s WD TV Live  box. It all but removes the need for having a computer under your telly. The unit itself isn’t exactly new technology, it’s been around for a few years but prices for the WD […]

New speakers

For the past three and a bit years I’ve been using a pair of Fujitsu Ten Eclipse TD 307 speakers which I managed to nab off eBay for a half decent price. The speakers were an excellent upgrade from the crappy Yamahas I had for around 10 years previously. Fujitsu Ten Eclipse TD speakers, where […]

Frode explodes

One of the machines in the lab decided to give up the ghost sometime in the past 10 days though it certainly went with a bang. This machine wasn’t attended to very often so when I saw it was off, I turned it back on and was almost engulfed in grey smoke and the stench […]

Low profile ATI 4350 video card

Recently I’ve been looking into reducing the size of my home theatre PC (HTPC) underneath the telly. The problem is I used a standard case which although is very nice (a somewhat limited edition Coolermaster ATCS all aluminium jobby from 2002) it was still pretty “thick” when on its side. So I looked around for […]

Great engineering

It’s always interesting to see how companies meet their challenges. Of course most don’t give their trade secrets away but “cloud” storage provider, Backblaze have a requirement for petabytes of storage on the cheap and they wrote how they did it. The cool thing is they used mostly off the shelf stuff – only the […]

The birth of a new Cheetah

Or rather fresh out of hospital. Last week I sent my broken Seagate Cheetah 10.7 drive back to Seagate and mentioned how surprised I was to get an email back within a few hours of it being delivered to their UK offices saying my replacement drive has been shipped. Today that drive arrived by DHL. […]

Seagate return policies

Recently I was going through a load of my old hard drives and came across a fairly new Seagate Cheetah 10,000 RPM SCSI disk drive. The unit was a 10.7 so it’s not terribly old and certainly within the five year warranty. Upon plugging it into one of the (older) Adaptec 29160 adaptors I had […]

Mini-displayport to Dual link DVI actually works

After my previous post about the problems faced by users with the new dual link DVI adaptor for new Macbook users, I finally purchased one so I could use it on one of my Apple Cinema displays. I figured that if it would be really bad, I’ll end up getting a refund. To my surprise […]