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Western Digital TV Live Ethernet

Perhaps a glaring sign of assumption leading to a mistake, I had thought Western Digital had put a gigabit Ethernet controller on its WD TV Live device. After all why wouldn’t you? The device can clearly play back high definition content and Blu-Ray discs can transfer up to 40MBps at present. To my shock after upgrading my LAN to gigabit Ethernet and changing the patch panels to Category 6, I bothered to check WD’s specification only to find that the device supports 10/100 Ethernet. Absolutely shocking.

You have to ‘upgrade’ to the WD TV Live Hub if you want gigabit Ethernet. That’s a nice device with a 1TB hard drive which I have absolutely no need for. It also costs double that of the WD TV Live. Gigabit Ethernet chips are so cheap these days it’s shocking that WD stuck 10/100 Ethernet on the device. Not only does it cripple functionality it shows how cheap the company’s product designers are.

It’s a real shame WD did this as apart from this glaring omission the WD TV Live has performed faultlessly.