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Jumpdomain finally bites the dust

Scott Ison has finally decided to call it quits, with his sham of a registrar at long last showing an “out of business” sign.

The Jumpdomain site now simply tells people to move away, which is what people should have done ages ago, if they could. No links to other parts of the site are available but the site does exist behind the useless index.html.

My original advice on how to move away from Jumpdomain still remain in place and I had contact with eNom in the past week who were again very quick in handing over an EPP code.

Unsurprisingly the shyster, Ison, offers no help and frankly I hope someone decides to take legal action against this guy to try and set a precedent for registrars to take responsibility against doing these sorts of things in the future. I was lucky and didn’t lose any money but there are stories of people who lost domains and more directly, money, thanks to this conman.

Don’t expect any flowers Ison.