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New speakers

For the past three and a bit years I’ve been using a pair of Fujitsu Ten Eclipse TD 307 speakers which I managed to nab off eBay for a half decent price. The speakers were an excellent upgrade from the crappy Yamahas I had for around 10 years previously.

Fujitsu Ten Eclipse TD speakers, where the TD stands for “Time Domain” are very interesting (and relatively expensive) speakers, so occasionally I look out for them on the auction site. They are pretty rare and although a few years back a couple of 512s were knocking about which had a bit of damage (and resold quickly by the person who won them in a matter of days). At the time I missed out bidding for them and felt somewhat gutted – the 512s were the top of the range at that time.

So a couple of weeks ago, I noticed a seller with a pair of 510s and 508s. The former was to end a good four hours before the latter and were the “beefed up” version of the older 508s. I put in what was my limit and was outbid, which is fine. I would have liked to win them but they went for just under 500 quid, a little more than I wanted to pay for it.

The 508s came up and I put my bid and won them for what I thought was a bargain. The seller was very slow getting the speakers to me but once they arrived I was amazed at the difference between the 307s and the 508s. The bass on the 508s (from the same Eclipse 307 amplifier) is simply outstanding for a speaker of its size. The guy who sold them had kept the speakers in almost perfect condition, I couldn’t find any marks on the body or the woofer cone.

Little 'n large

Little 'n large

Unlike the smaller 307 there’s no grille although the woofer diameter is exactly the same. Sadly I couldn’t get them in silver but I’m happy nonetheless.

The 508s have been replaced by the updated 508 II but for the time being I’m perfectly happy with these. If you have a chance to audition Fujitsu Ten TD speakers, I thoroughly encourage you to do so, they are utterly superb.

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