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How I transferred away from Jumpdomain

Note: I posted this on 22 June but due to my server having some serious issues posts between May and July were wiped. Thankfully I managed to find a google cache of it. Since this may be of help to people stranded with Jumpdomain’s rubbish service I decided to repost. Below is my original post, unchanged.

— Original post —

Chances are you found this post through some search engine and you already have domains with Jumpdomain and are worried about not being able to get away from this useless company. Well, all is not lost and this is how I managed to get away from Jumpdomain. The first thing you should know (if you don’t already) is that DON’T use Jumpdomain. There are other registrars at similar prices who actually provide customer service. I repeat (in bold but this really should be shouted) DON’T USE JUMPDOMAIN. First here’s some background – scroll down if you just want to find out how I left them.


I originally found out about Jumpdomain through a Web hosts’ forum (I won’t advertise them as they too are rubbish). Anyhow I registered around 30 domains with Jumpdomain from 1999-2000 and some weren’t important and I let expire. After 2001 I found another registrar (an actual registrar not a reseller like Jumpdomain) called Joker and since then I have been using them. I transferred most of my domains over but I still had three (all important ones) at Jumpdomain. In the last decade (less actually) ICANN started a policy of registrars having to issue EPP/Auth codes before the domain can be transferred away. That’s fine but your code must be given by your current registrar. This is where Jumpdomain comes to the rescue (or rather to kick you over the cliff).

The problem is Jumpdomain is a one man operation which used to be run by Scott A. Ison. I say used because one day (sometime after 2005 as I did get a tiny bit of support from him in mid 2005) he decided it would be better to leave it to the professionals and thought it would be okay to leave hundreds (maybe thousands?) of people in the lurch by not caring to do any work for his fees. Of course he is a lawyer so this would come second nature to him. I should just say I have nothing against one man operations, many sole traders do a good honest days work and provide excellent service/products, however it is people like Mr Ison who give everyone a bad name.

So when you ask for an EPP code he doesn’t reply. I’ve read stories (easily found through Google) of people having their domains expire because of this moron. Thankfully I had months left before mine expired but nevertheless I wanted out from this “operation”. So when I requested for my EPP/auth code, I of course got nothing back from him. ICANN rules say that the registrar must give the code within four days of initial request. There is no real support email address just a ticket system which he ignores. Apparently there is a telephone number but that isn’t answered. However you could try this law offices, here’s the website. Just take it as a given that you won’t hear from Scott in those four days (or four decades). So this is what I did to get away from this guy.

The getaway

I’m assuming you’ve tried to contact Scott but got no where. So here’s what I did. Jumpdomain are a reseller for eNom and eNom are surprisingly helpful.

1) Go to eNom Central and create an account – it will ask you for your credit card details but these are optional, leave them blank (unless you want to use eNom as your registrar but be warned they are expensive)

2) Use this form to contact eNom – they will probably ask you for your eNom Central login or include it in your initial correspondance saying you want it transferred to this account (which is what they will offer to do) – it’s free.

3) eNom are very good in giving out the EPP codes – it’s one click on their control panel and then you get an email within a few minutes. I then used this to transfer all my domains to Joker (ironic really as Jumpdomain are the jokers in this tale of woe).

If you really want to give Mr Ison a piece of your mind then here are his contact details from his website (I doubt you will get to speak to him though):

1200 NW Jefferson Court
Blue Springs , MO 64015
Phone: (816) 295-0444
Fax: (816) 295-0445

The most important thing is to get hold of eNom as quickly as possible. They aren’t too bad in my (limited) experience and certainly better than Jumpdomain/Scott Ison. I hope you have luck in moving your domains over.

To summarise, don’t use Jumpdomain. Don’t register with them and certainly don’t even think about hosting with them. I also believe eNom should automatically take all the domains he resold under their control – if you contact them, mention this point as why should this greedy lawyer get money for doing nothing and putting your brand/domain/whatever at risk because he wants to earn money while sleeping.

Anyhow I’m happy my domains are with a company who have been excellent for the past seven years and if you want me to recommend you a registrar, is the one I use.


  1. tim wrote:

    Thanks for the info. eNom was helpful, even though they initially denied that they could help.

    Wednesday, December 23, 2009 at 04:07 | Permalink
  2. This article helped me a lot, thanks

    Wednesday, May 19, 2010 at 16:38 | Permalink

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