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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Low profile ATI 4350 video card

Recently I’ve been looking into reducing the size of my home theatre PC (HTPC) underneath the telly. The problem is I used a standard case which although is very nice (a somewhat limited edition Coolermaster ATCS all aluminium jobby from 2002) it was still pretty “thick” when on its side. So I looked around for […]

How I transferred away from Jumpdomain

Note: I posted this on 22 June but due to my server having some serious issues posts between May and July were wiped. Thankfully I managed to find a google cache of it. Since this may be of help to people stranded with Jumpdomain’s rubbish service I decided to repost. Below is my original post, […]

Great engineering

It’s always interesting to see how companies meet their challenges. Of course most don’t give their trade secrets away but “cloud” storage provider, Backblaze have a requirement for petabytes of storage on the cheap and they wrote how they did it. The cool thing is they used mostly off the shelf stuff – only the […]