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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Tight fit!

Yesterday I wrote about a chipset heatsink I bought for an upcoming 975X motherboard. Well that motherboard arrived today (38 quid off eBay, such a bargain) so I got on with installing the heatsink. Thermalright provide enough bits and pieces, including three mounts for those that use studs to hold down the cooling device and […]

Chipset heatsink

I recently purchased an used motherboard off eBay which came with a fan to cool the chipset. This is quite frankly rubbish as it will eventually fan and before it does so, it will make a load of noise and shift a lot of dust. So I purchased this rather nifty heatsink for the 975 […]

New power supply unit

I recently built a machine to replace my current workstation with components I had lying around. The only thing I needed to purchase was a new motherboard as the two units I had in the lab were less than reliable. The machine itself isn’t cutting edge but it is fast enough, being comprised of the […]