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Monthly Archives: February 2009


It really pisses me off when people think it is a good idea to put their certifications in the signature of their email. Why? Are you that desperate to show you know something that you need to put a few letters on the bottom of your email in order to make you look like a […]

Securely deleting hard drive data

As part of clearing out my lab, I had a large amount of hard disk drives which are now too old ( >5 years) to be used in any production server. Although these drives work and have been through a tough life (being on 24/7 in a server environment) they really did well. I must […]

iMac screen found!

You may remember (although I’m sure you have more important things to do) that I ended up with an Apple iMac which had its screen hit with a hammer. Utilising the external display output I managed to get OS X setup dilly dandy and everything was fine. Except one of the fans would shoot to […]

Mediatomb on Debian howto

In truth calling this a howto is a lie because it is so easy. That is to say, getting the basics up and running is so easy. After that you should really do some further reading (don’t worry I’ll provide the links), but a quick and dirty setup is surprisingly easy. Before the end of […]

Mini-displayport to Dual link DVI actually works

After my previous post about the problems faced by users with the new dual link DVI adaptor for new Macbook users, I finally purchased one so I could use it on one of my Apple Cinema displays. I figured that if it would be really bad, I’ll end up getting a refund. To my surprise […]