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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Dismantling big iron

As part of my bid to be green (and also save a packet on electricity bills) last year I decomissioned both of our Compaq Proliant “big iron” servers. These truly were giants. The first one which was the master server providing Samba, FTP, SSH tunneling, gateway, firewalling and HTTP proxy services was being dismantled today. […]

24″ iMac LCD screen

A couple of weeks ago I was handed a battered 24″ Core 2 Duo iMac (aluminium body) and asked to remove the hard drive. Someone had taken a hammer to the screen and the guy wanted to get his data back but had no inclination of keeping the iMac itself. So I asked him whether […]

If true…

The Steve Jobs really is a knob-end. It seems after some pretty thorough investigation the latest Macbook Pro which uses the NVIDIA chipset and GPU contains the same faulty soldering (lead based) which caused so many problems for so many manufacturers earlier this year. More info is available here. I was curious as to why […]

M’mac part 2

Today I had my appointment with a “Genius” and it all went as I thought it would. The guy took it off around the back and decided it was the “logic board” that was at fault (motherboard to real computer types). It’s off for repair and should be back in 7-10 days. However I doubt […]


After one month of proper use (that is to say standard use for a notebook computer and not babying around a machine like some Mac Morons like to do) yesterday evening my Macbook Pro went to sleep and never awoke. It cycles between being asleep and trying to wake up and going to sleep automatically. […]

Mini displayport -> Dual Link DVI adaptor price hike

In typical Crapple fashion the Dual Link DVI adaptor that Macbook users need but wasn’t included is still not available, well over a month after Macbooks started shipping. Not only that but the Apple Store website in the UK has now increased the cost of the adaptor to £68 from £60. And yet they still […]

Speeding up the Samba

Recently I came to the conclusion that having a complete mirror of my complete videos volume will be almost unsustainable. So instead of going the RAID 51 route I decided to install Linux on my QNAP 409 thanks to this very useful guide. So now that I have a full on (albeit slow) Linux system […]