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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Mac bag (finally)

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the problems in finding a case for my new Macbook Pro (Mac Sack) so I finally bit the bullet (about two weeks ago) and purchased a cheapo Crumpler messenger bag called the Big Dig. I decided to just get one made for 17″ laptops to ensure I […]

Drinking in LA

Sort of. Just booked my tickets to Los Angeles on Virgin Atlantic. Typically I would never fly anything other than economy (infact I’ve only flown business class three times in my life and two of those times were free upgrades on Emirates and the third time didn’t count as it was an atrious airline), however […]

Home made Cintiq here I come

A long time I go I came across a site which caught my interest. However with work and other stuff I forgot about it until recently. Wacom one of the top graphics tablet makers also produce a touch sensitive display which supports different levels of sensitivity, called the Cintiq. There’s not much to dislike, 21″ […]


I do have a love for seafood but in this case I was determined to setup Squid (a HTTP proxy) for the local server here at home. The servers here are pretty decent, though back in the day when electricity was affordable we had some proper Compaq “Big Iron”. Now it’s more modest dual core, […]

A bunch of..

Although I have quite specific views on Apple I do purchase a lot of kit. Not all of it is perfect but what I do purchase I generally like, though not wholly. So here’s a list of how I contributed to the Apple Empire. 1x Powerbook G4 1GHz 1x MacBook Air 1.8GHz SSD 1x MacBook […]

Mac sack

As I found out, the new MacBook Pro is a bit too wide for a lot of 15″ bags/sleeves out there. The other day I found a Knomo bag on sale direct from the manufacturer which stated support for 15″ laptops. Now, Knomo bags are sold in Apple stores among other places so you would […]

Mac touchpad update

Yesterday Apple released a software patch for the dodgy trackpads that plague the recently released MacBook and MacBook Pro. I’ve been having to endure the insanely annoying trackpad on my otherwise very nice MacBook Pro and welcome this update with open arms. Quite why Apple couldn’t have found this in their quality control is beyond […]

End the madness

Fed up with the stupid Fanboi websites that appear on the Web powered by idiotic Apple users? You know what I’m talking about. The twits who jack it to unboxings of Apple products, the ones who think Apple is not a fruit but a person who has the sun shining out of their posterior. Those […]